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Developing an IoT product comes with challenges that are often overlooked compared to web applications and standalone embedded devices. IoT is more than a device that talks to a server. IoT is the combination of web services, hardware, and user interfaces working together to create a seamless experience. Your IoT product spans the entire tech stack. All of the components play a vital role in your users' experience.
If you are launching a new product, expanding a product line, or retrofitting an existing non-connected product, Redwire Labs will create a build strategy tailored to fit your unique needs. Our passionate team has experience across various industries, which we leverage in the design and build of your product. We take the time to understand your business and users, and apply the right technology to achieve your goals.

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Alex McLain


Alex founded Redwire Labs out of a passion for product development and technology. His engineering background began in early childhood, where he learned to program in Basic and solder electronics. This led to professional experience across the stack, from frontend to firmware. Alex has also worked for several consultancies, where he gained experience in guiding clients down the path to success. Piecing together the product development practices and tooling that he has seen work well, Alex created Redwire Labs to share this methodology.

In his spare time, Alex organizes the Nerves Meetup, a place for seasoned professionals and enthusiasts to share knowledge and collaborate on embedded hardware projects. Presentations are archived on the group's YouTube channel.




Bring your device to life.

Cloud Services

Expand the capabilities of your device
using the power of a datacenter.

Web Interface

Expose device control and
product insights to your users.

System Architecture

Collaborate on a design that
enables your IoT product to perform.


Bring our knowledge in-house
to support your product.


We help you tackle tough issues.




The Nerves Project is a framework for creating robust embedded systems on Linux and the BEAM VM.



Elixir is a functional programming language designed for creating low-latency, distributed, and fault-tolerant systems. It can be used both on embedded devices and in the cloud.

Zephyr RTOS

Zephyr RTOS

Zephyr is a small real-time operating system for connected, resource-constrained and embedded devices supporting multiple architectures.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

AWS provides on-demand delivery of IT resources over the Internet, rather than buying, owning, and maintaining physical servers.

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